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Our focus on using keywords and key phrases that directly relate to what people would be searching for when trying to find a business such as yours. We do this by analyzing how potential customers might search for your business, and then taking the information gathered and creating web copy around it. We will do this by writing texts with keywords that are not difficult to read so it does not look like keyword stuffing.


The customer wanted an easy way to express options to their clients to make them comfortable with the bankruptcy process.


Our client was an international innovation consultant that wanted to describe in detail one of their premier products in under 3 mins.  With the client we developed the script to capture not only the strength of the product but how the product could be used by multiple industries to uncover truly valuable information.


We work to develop software solutions that can help improve profitability and get our clients ahead of their competition. One tool we make available is called "Software Explainer" which provides users with access to network market data to uncover hidden value across industries.


This company provides in-home health care to seniors and wanted an explainer video to provide decision makers with confidence that they understood the difficult position of both people needing care and loved ones.   This video also took time to express the positive outcomes that were possible in difficult situations.


We help companies with marketing their products and services, such as direct mail campaigns, advertising,

and promotions. To make customers aware of their product and convince them to purchase the product.

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Book a call to find out how we can make you a video that comunicate your message and inspires viewers to take your desired action. 

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