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Why Explainer Videos are effective

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Explainer videos are short, funny, or exciting clips that explain something you may not know about or provide an overview of what something does or how it works. These types of videos are used by businesses to tell their story and engagingly market themselves, and the data shows they work!

One study found that those who watched these videos were 80% more likely to purchase a product than those who did not. More than half of B2B companies and more than a third of B2C brands use explainer videos in their marketing strategies. Explainer videos are an inexpensive way to generate more leads.

A background on what an explainer video is

An explainer video visually describes a company or product in a quick, fun, and informative way. The idea behind an explainer video is to answer questions potential customers might have about your company and its product by providing useful information and saving them time. It is an affordable way to generate leads, convince visitors to buy into your offer, and increase customer retention rates. Consider adding a high-quality explainer video to your marketing strategy today.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

It is inexpensive, and there is a wide range of options when it comes to video production. Many businesses see video as an expensive proposition, and in some cases, that can be true. However, for many smaller companies or startups, explainer videos are one of the most cost-effective marketing and sales techniques. With explainer videos, you do not need to spend money on product, travel, or even a team; you just need a few hours to film your product and upload it online.

Easy to convey a message

When you are presenting to an investor, a potential business partner, or a client who is unfamiliar with your company, an explainer video makes it easy to get your message across. An explainer video condenses what might be a lengthy description into an engaging visual format. This makes it easier for someone unfamiliar with your product or service to quickly grasp what you do and why they should use it. It is more impactful than other types of marketing copy and presents your company in a highly professional light.

Easily Shareable

An explainer video makes your business information easy to digest. Your customers can easily share your video with their friends and family, increasing exposure for your brand exponentially. High-quality videos also have a lower bounce rate than text-heavy pages.

It fits anywhere in your sales funnel

When it comes to online marketing, videos can help you at every step of your sales funnel. A video is a powerful tool for building brand awareness and nurturing leads. By creating video content, you can capture leads before they become customers, build their interest in your product or service and increase conversions once they are on your site. Plus, tons of platforms can make sharing your video content easier than ever.

Saves Time

When you are trying to get a concept across engagingly and memorably, an explainer video can help do that. Instead of forcing users to sift through hours worth of text, you can have them watch a short but memorable video instead. That means visitors are more likely to understand your message and remember your business or brand name when they are ready to buy.


Video content is king in today’s digital marketing world. One major reason for its popularity is because it can explain a product or service in a way that nothing else can—and in a way that helps consumers and businesses alike make informed decisions about their future. Consumers learn about products and services, and businesses have an opportunity to build credibility.

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